Having an influence over a large audience means you have to consider many things before you post articles or opinions online, but in our eyes it also means you have a responsibility to set an example and promote causes for change that you are passionate about.

 That’s why we are working closely with WaterAid UK to help raise awareness and support for the amazing work they do.

Last year we had the privilege of visiting Zambia with WaterAid, we went to local villages which were awaiting WaterAid’s help and others that had received it. The contrast between the two was and is truly incredible. 

 After WaterAid helped to install water pumps and trained the locals on how to take care and service their pumps, whole villages changed. Houses were better built, kids were happier, young woman and children were better educated due to not having to walk miles for water that could potentially kill them, instead they have the time to go to school. Education opens so many more opportunities.


 Mural at Zambian school in Monze

 It can seem very distant and almost hard to connect with what it must be like to live life every day with water that is potentially life threatening. I don’t think it’s until you really see it first-hand that you understand the gravity of the situation, that something so fundamental to life, something we often take for granted and something that is really a basic human right is missing. Fortunately we CAN help to make a change, we’ve seen first-hand the difference WE can make.

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We also visited schools where WaterAid had installed new modern toilets, rather than a shed which was used by the whole school and allows no privacy for young women. Hygiene is a huge issue in Zambia and other countries where WaterAid are working, lack of it leads to many illnesses and diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is a leading cause in stunting of growth for children due to them not being able to absorb nutrients from food. Stunting doesn’t just affect physical development, but also impacts on children’s mental development, having a massive impact on their health and their futures.

Did you know that if you’d been born in a different in a country you could be smaller than you are today? WaterAid have made this cool calculator which shows what height you might have been – it really brings home the importance of how toilets and clean water affects your development. Why don’t you have a go and see what height you would have been in another country, and if you have time sign WaterAid’s petition calling for water and toilets for everyone, everywhere.  

 If we can all help to spread the word to help change lives forever then it would be selfish not to act – wouldn’t it?


Working out in a Zambian street gym

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John Chapman

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