We’re different, we don’t see online coaching as a numbers game, we don’t just give you a generic training programme & send you on your way.

We understand we’re working with people, people who have goals, commitments and day to day stresses, all things that we have to incorporate when our goal is to change someone’s life.

We do this by giving and teaching our clients the skills they need to NEVER have to do another stupid diet again.

Coaching Packages

We currently offer 3 tiers of coaching to suit your needs


£ 34.99

Per Week

The SILVER plan is perfect for you if you need support with both training and nutrition. Your training will be created by us with all your goals in mind and managed within TrueCoach.


Truecoach is an app where we keep all your training data from weight lifted to ongoing assessments on movements via video.

For example we may want to see you back squat technique for video analysis so we can make adjustments for safety, performance and your confidence with the movement.

With your nutrition we start with a simple weeks food diary this is extremely powerful for not only us but also yourself. From that diary and our discussions we will start to implement what we feel together is the best way of eating or protocol for you, your goals and your lifestyle.

Training programming with feedback and adjustments

• Nutritional support and guidance.

• Contact with your coach via TrueCoach and Whatsapp.

• Movement assessment when needed.

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£ 49.99

Per Week

The GOLD MEMBER CHALLENGE is opened on two times per year and is a 12 week intensive program for an extremely limited number of people.

You will be coached by either John or Leon for 12 weeks solidly then you MUST exit the plan to either SILVER, BRONZE or if you feel ready go it alone.

At the end of the program John and Leon get to together and decide who has made the biggest improvements, this is not decided purely on weight lost or strength increase etc but who has really come the furthest over the time.

This person will receive a once in a lifetime prize, examples;

A new home Garage Gym

Free entry and expenses paid spot on any of our international training camps

ALL your money back

Any current clients on either SILVER or BRONZE programming can apply for a spot on the challenge when it goes live as well, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Plan payments

All plans are payable weekly via a rolling Direct Debit.

Plan Discounts

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What our clients say about our coaching

When I signed up for the gold challenge I knew that something about my lifestyle had to change. I always equated “diets” with the sacrifice of fun and despite quite liking the gym I wasn’t very good at actually going or pushing myself out of my comfort zone. With John’s support and the accountability the challenge provided I can honestly say I’ve changed my life for the better and am the strongest, fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been in my adult life. I can now walk into the gym confidently and feel like I belong there and every time I work out I feel as if I’m pushing myself. The hands on approach of programming John and Leon take mean that every workout is tailored to be found enjoyable, even if it kills! Running for 30 minutes on a treadmill has never and will never be fun to me, so John assured I got my cardio in in more varied ways. Throughout the 12 weeks I never felt like I had to sacrifice anything and I was always reminded by John that too much restriction is not sustainable. I could still go out for dinner or go on holiday, instead I just had to make smarter choices, like not having desert every time. John was always available if I wasn’t sure what the best menu option was or if I needed a reminder that I could do this! Making these smarter choices now just feels natural and it feel weird to think of not going to the gym a few times a week as the benefits have been both physical and mental. I have so much more confidence and can’t wait to continue my journey as I have so many more goals to achieve. I can’t say thank you enough.

Maria HillSatisfied Customer

I have been working with John from the lean machines for over a year now. With him looking after both my training and nutrition. Which in this time have learnt so much about both and am super grateful to of had the opportunity to work with him as he is a very knowledgeable coach. And not having the face to face aspect wasn’t an issue as we had regular Skype calls and direct messaging.

PhillipSatisfied Customer

TLM Coaching has helped me push forward and lose so far 67lbs, I know without their reassurance, assistance, advice and guidance through my months as a client I would have fallen back to old habits.

SimonSatisfied Customer

From the very first email working with Leon has been nothing but a pleasure.
Working through such a tough time with lockdown and such minimal equipment shows how good he is.
Every workout varied and spot on to my needs and what we spoke about at the start.
Always there when advice was needed or when I wasn't sure about movements there was no issue sending videos or calls.
Even when going to and coming from work, different equipment, environment, space to work in, was all no issue and workouts were top class!
He has helped me see my mistakes in the past and has put me on the right path to a better more healthy life!
I would recommend anyone needing that little help and push in the right direction to not hesitate and get onboard with the TLM team! Top quality guys and top quality service!

AndySatisfied Customer

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