In our quests to get in shape, be more hench or just be fitter we told a lot of lies, some are to sell products and make money, some are misinformation and others are just plain CRAZY!

So let’s clear up just a few of these, if you’re aware of more then feel free to let us know in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

The More Protein the Better

This is something we particularly hear from the guys, they want to put on muscle so they decide eating copious amounts of protein is the way to do this. All this normally achieves is a horrible smell that they leave in the gym.

Sure protein is very important in the repair and rebuilding of our bodies, but once you hit your desired threshold that will optimally aid this processes anything else on top of that is just not necessary.

Detox Diets

Do I think detox diets are all they are cracked up to be……. Simply NO! See your body is extremely good at detoxing it’s self via your liver and kidneys if only you let it. Avoid too much alcohol and crap, eat a varied diet with plenty of water and hey presto you’re sorted.

Fat Loss Foods

The idea that eating a food will help you lose is flawed, any food you eat contain calories. Now unless you eat a food that takes more calories to digest and chewing then there is no such thing as fat loss foods.

The best way to approach this would be to eat foods that are low in calories but high in volume helping you feel fuller for longer. Rather than eating food that leave you feeling hungry but pack a calorific punch such as nuts.

Gain 20 Pounds In Just 6 Weeks

Any six week plans that tells you than your going to gain huge amounts of muscle in 6 weeks is just plain lying, physiologically your body cannot do that. Even with the use of steroids some of these claims are ridiculous.

The best plans are the ones that are honest and give you realistic goals with a realistic time scale as this will not mislead you and make you fee like you’re going wrong, but will in fact support your progress….. and your mental sanity.

There’s A Secret Formula

Come on be honest, how many times have you bought something thinking it could be the missing piece to your puzzle to get the body you want? I’m betting quite a few because i’ve done the same!

The secret formula is and always has been hard work and consistency.

Make sure you always consider progress overload, this is the principle or adaption to stress and to keep making it harder.

Much like a diamond is form under pressure so is your body, it takes stressing your body in the gym for it to adapt and change. Along with adequate rest and diet this is how you create the body you want!

You’re Meant To Look Like Cover Models Or Insta Girls

Oh I do hate the fact that we’re made to think that we should look like the latest insta girl/guy or cover model, you simply don’t! This is often reinforced by the amount of likes and attention these people get. Remember this pictures are a snippet and only the highlight reels of their lives. If you start to notice that it’s putting unwanted pressure on yourself then simply unfollow them, you decide what you see.

Protein Powder

If I had a penny for every time i’ve been asked is whey protein good for me? Do I need it? Or Which brand do I use? I’d be a very rich man.

Simply if you are already getting enough protein in your diet which by the way is quite manageable for most then you don’t need to take a protein supplement. Whey protein can be helpful after a workout as it’s fast acting and initiates the repair process know as protein synthesis.

These are just a few off the questions we get asked for a multitude of reasons and I hope it clears some questions up for you.

Keep being awesome!


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