Well that’s a very self indulgent title ey haha, but seriously what does make us different from every other PT, coach influencer out there?

We’ve started 2017 at one hell of a pace with TV appearances, newspaper and magazine articles and radio interviews which is amazing and that same question comes up over and over again ‘what makes you different?’, so lm going to write my honest opinion below then what id really love to see in the comment box below is yours (could be interesting).

First things first lets start with our message and approach that we encourage as many people to adopt and play with to suit their life and goals. It’a all about the accumulative effect and just general common sense, the whole world has been swept up in this tidal wave of aggressive sales pitches, short term empty promises and ‘the next best fastest way’ of achieving the body of their dreams, like that will make everyone happy and all our problems will be solved. Quite frankly this is just crap. Me and John know full well that without all the other pieces of the puzzle a body will only give you short term happiness, you need to work on yourself over time, encourage yourself and love and appreciate every positive step you make. Long term goals are great but we must remember and enjoy the journey too.

If we were to talk about training, accumulative effect and common sense let’s use a simple example. How many people out there start at the gym absolutely smash it for a good few months 3-5 times per week then have a night off , a ‘cheat’ meal or a night out with friends and punish themselves like all the ‘gains’ have gone!? All of us have been there right but common sense soon tells us that consistently hitting the gym for say 30 minutes per session on average 4 times per week over 3 months = roughly 1,440 minutes in the gym or 24hours 🙂 a WHOLE DAY! Is one meal that lasts around 90 minutes or a night out that lasts 3-6hours and maybe an over consumption of around 2000 calories MAXIMUM really going to make any difference in the grand scheme of things? Not really. In one way a good ol stodgy meal helps for a healthy metabolism and gives our gut something to think about so l actually class it as a positive done right…. and not everyday. We don’t push for short term results, of course as a kick starter this can really help people get going and get that initial boost in confidence from getting results but it has to be backed up with knowledge and a plan of where to go next.

We say it over and over happiness is the key to everything in life and you can not find happiness externally or aesthetically, it must come from within. Really peel back those layers or barriers you build in order to protect yourself, allow yourself to feel vulnerable and find out who you truly are and trust us, everything beyond that point will fall into place. With training we always say concentrate on the performance aspect not the aesthetics, they will come as a byproduct of ‘yep you got it’ enjoying the process.

‘We peoples people’

So yes we workout, love training and equally have a huge thirst to change the industry and leave our mark, much like many other coaches out there. But we also have a life away from the gym and are honest and open enough to share that, too many people are out there painting a picture of the perfect PT, only sharing images of perfect food plates and smiles all round, this doesn’t help anyone in my opinion, least of all the public and it isn’t real. Social media is soon becoming like a cloak to hide behind, very much like an actor or actress on stage. Just because social media is effectively instant do not forget that there is also a huge process that comes before that. By no means would l ever say that everyone is like that and there are some amazing human beings out there doing great things for the world but just be vigilant.

Most people that iv worked with over the past 8 years have all had one thing in common when it comes to feedback, lm a real person with real problems and honest emotions, if it’s a good or bad day game face is always on but l don’t pretend to be someone lm not, nor does John.

What l like to think is that we are an inclusive support frame for all you guys and girls out there to reach out to and relate to. Yes this is our job but we love it and love helping, this is why we reply to every comment, message and most of our snapchats because we genuinely want to help.

Good that’s the most iv talked about myself or ‘TheLeanMachines’ in a long while haha normally we just crack on. But anyway we would love your feedback and opinions below as to why you follow us and what you think ‘makes us different’ 🙂

Keep being AWESOME team!

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  • Always love how open and honest you dudes are. Really makes you stand out. No human always look shredded as heck, with 8% body fat. Our body can change how it looks from day to day – whether from certain foods we have eaten or a night out when you had a treat meal.

    You both post photos on social media regardless of whether you’re looking ‘your best’ or not. Shows how real you are. You don’t pretend that your body constantly looks the same and only post when you look this way. It helps us to understand that there is natural fluctuation of how your body looks and just weight in general (e.g. water weight, large food consumption, morning weight vs night time weight)

    Awesome read guys, as always. Keep being REAL. Love it. Cheers!

  • Jack says:

    Saved as a favorite, I like your blog!

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