I’ve personally been intrigued by teeth whitening for a while now but was always slightly worried based on the word ‘sensitivity’ that seems to have come up time and time again, but when Philips invited us down to get our teeth whitened by Dr Rhona Eskander using the Philips Zoom! System, we thought that we would give it a try and are so glad that we did!

On the day of the appointment, it was super simple. We arrived at the SW1 Dental Studio and were greeted and looked after very well by the team which was a lovely start. After filling in our medical forms we were met by Dr Rhona Eskander, a very professional and reassuring person we must say. She took us into the treatment room and talked through every step of the process before beginning the treatment, so we knew exactly what to expect. Then it was question time for us and the only question l had – yep, sensitivity! Dr Rhona Eskander then explained to me that in the past a lot of the claims of sensitivity after whitening was due to the fact that, when tooth whitening first became popular, the hydrogen peroxide whitening gel used was of a very high percentage increasing the risk of post treatment sensitivity. The regulations have changed dramatically in the last few years and the gel Philips use is only 6% which dramatically reduces the risk of over sensitivity meaning that Philips Zoom! is a safe and healthy way to whiten teeth … phew!

Let’s get this show on the road then! First things first, the moulds were taken for my home whitening trays so that they were ready to leave with me at the end of the appointment. The process for this is easy, you basically bite down on a big lump of what looks like adult play dough which then takes the form of your teeth – completely painless. Before going any further with the treatment, I was asked a really important question…“what movie do l want to watch?” Yep that’s right, l got to wear some Robocop style glasses and watch Pulp Fiction whilst the treatment took place, which was a nice touch! Once that was done it was time to get those teeth on show with a separator which looks very funny in the mirror but hey, it serves a purpose. Dr Rhona Eskander then continued on with the treatment, which consisted of the following steps:

-Apply Vitamin E to the lips. This helped protect them and kept them moist and comfortable throughout the treatment.

-Isolate the tissues to protect them from the whitening gel. Once the separator was in Dr Rhona Eskander also added cotton protectors around my gum line to further protect the inside of my mouth

-Apply pH booster to the teeth to neutralise any acidity. Basically just cleaned my teeth to a new level.

-Apply whitening gel which is 6% hydrogen peroxide in 4 15 min cycles, wiping the gel off at cycles!

The total treatment time was 60 minutes spread into 4×15 minute stints where l was attached to the Philips Zoom machine so I could just lay back and watch my movie.

An hour soon passed and part one of the treatment was complete. Dr Rhona Eskander took some photos of our teeth before removing the separators (below) and the difference already was incredible to see. Being a huge coffee drinker l never realised just how much staining I’d picked up over the years so it was great to see my teeth looking brighter and whiter already!

Before leaving l was then presented with my new whitening trays and home whitening kit and shown how to apply the gels for 3 days following the treatment. l had to wear the trays morning and night for 30 minutes in total which was pretty easy really! Also the Philips kit contains plenty of gel so I’ve even got enough to do a top up if needs be in the future.

John, you’re up! Obviously John’s treatment was exactly the same as me apart from his movie choice (which was pretty average!) but it’s now been a week since the treatment and our teeth are looking pretty awesome if l do say so myself!

Oh and a side note on sensitivity. Personally I have not found my teeth to be any more sensitive than normal. John’s were slightly sensitive immediately following the treatment but soon settled down.

All that’s left to say is a big thank yo u to Philips Zoom!, Dr Rhona Eskander and the team down at SW1 Dental Studio.

To find out more about Philips Zoom! Whitening, visit: http://philips.to/LeanMachinesZoom

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