It seems that almost every week we hear of another crazy, pointless or quite simply dangerous diet and it’s doing us no favours.

I was watching a TV programme the other day and they were showing the new “in” diets one was a bone broth and the other a water and oil mix alongside some heavily restricted calories which we know is a recipe for disaster in the long run. Why low calorie diets don’t work

The thing is some of these diets like a bone broths might and in this case do have some health benefits, bone broths alone can aid gut health and repair of injuries due to things in them like collagen a protein fibre which helps repair connective tissues of the body.

HOWEVER just because something has health benefits does not mean it is adequate enough to be the bulk of or only thing in your diet. This is why a balanced diet will always be king as it will cover all your macro and micro nutritional needs. For example you must consume your baseline fat and protein needs to stay optimally healthy and a bone broth alone is unlikely to do this, not to mention it would be boring and hard to stick to such a bland and repetitive diet.

It comes down to the same old thing, we want a quick fix rather than something that takes a little more effort but will change our lives forever.

The sad thing is as long as these diets come out people will keep buying them and often they will actually lose weight due to the low calories… before they put it on again because the diet is not realistic or sustainable.

However when they next put on the weight they are left with the thought of “oh I lost weight doing the X diet” so they go on it again or the new next “best” thing only to repeat this yo yo cycle. Each time this is done muscle mass is most likely being lost and metabolism slowed and this makes the diet harder and harder each time.

We ALL know what is a healthy, we just want shortcuts but we’re here to tell you it’s not a short cut at all in fact these fad diets lead to the complete opposite.

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