#ProjectBatman Update #2

So i’ve made a decision to write an update post every week highlighting the good the bad and the ugly from the past week. At this time of the years there’s a huge amount of people starting their summer prep’ and i’m sure we’re all experiencing both good and bad effects ha so let’s get into it!

Over the past week or so i’ve been personally having huge dysmorphia issues and generally just questioning my training and nutrition (this is totally normal). Due to the volume of training my much needed couple days re-feed and full rest has come a little quicker than l first thought. When l start to feel tired and energy levels are just generally a little lower my head really starts to play games with me and l feel bloated and hold excess water, my body is weird!! It took me a few days and a few different conversations with friends etc to just admit to myself that l was just tired and needed a break. Low and behold after only one full day rest with nothing but food and stretching l felt great again, belly flattened out and l was ready to hit it hard again!

I came back strong and started with a full weekend lifting with some of my favourite people in Zack and Sam. You may well have seen the blog we put up at the start of the week. Saturday was a full on sweat fest with 3 10 minute EMOM’s followed by some strict muscle up ring work WINNER! Absolutely loved it, these guys are so much stronger and fitter than me so it’s always a buzz to train with them. There’s a great tip to take away, it’s always good to train with fitter, stronger faster people than yourself, as long as they help and motivate you your rate of progress will just go through the roof! Sunday was Olympic lifting, snatch, clean and jerk then get it the car and get home to the family, solid weekend DONE!

The week ahead was looking very busy with a couple trips to London and a collaboration day with Sonny Webster of which l was beyond excited about! Monday and Tuesday just standard hit two sessions and food prepped, felt strong and rested. The big day with Sonny came, the plan was two lifting sessions in two different locations. AM we went to Crossfit Vauxhall (great set up) to hit some mobility drills, over head squat and snatch balance. This session completely blew me away, physically l wasn’t ruined or sweating through everything l was wearing but man l felt good. Sonny pretty much rebuilt my snatch and over head squat approach which essentially put the load over my trunk instead of my arms and shoulders making snatch balance so much easier! That’s the difference between someone who knows how to teach a movement and someone who knows how to teach an individual a movement. I tried not to overload the video with too much of the personalised hints and tips Sonny gave me because they would be pretty much pointless to a lot of people, lifting to a certain degree is a tick list then beyond that it’s totally personal to the person. Hit a new PB Snatch balance of 80kg and a triple OHS at 80 to, boom!

Session two we headed over to Farringdon Gymbox to get down to the real business of the day, snatch and clean and jerks! I walked in the gym with a snatch and c&j max lift and left with two totally new ones, but if you have not seen the blog yet l won’t ruin it for you, go check it out, some serious steel got lifted that day!

Leading up to the Easter break, which yes i’m planning to eat a ton of easter eggs over i’m just getting a few conditioning sessions in the bank to help me relax and let myself go a little more over the break with minimal risk of feeling guilty. I’ve got a new piece of kit coming for the home gym also which is certainly going to take project batman to a whole new level so look out for that!

If you’re getting involved with the Batman journey as well i’d love to hear below how you’re getting on. 

Keep being awesome team 


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