What’s up guys, back with a quick post 17:4 Crossfit Open blog post for you. (Feeling Reflective)

We get asked all the time why we got in to Crossfit, why we enjoy it and what’s the plan moving forward. Today’s workout is a classic reason why l started, don’t get me wrong as soon as the open is finished l will be back downstairs in my home gym hitting the body building sessions along side Crossfit HARD. But week on week i’m creating a list of things l need to work on to improve my performance’ (key word there) training has changed massively for me and John recently, yes one goal is to look great for sure (build Batman we call it) but i’m now approaching my goal setting from a performance perspective which has been a gradual process over the last few month. It makes my life and head so much happier and the want’ to achieve the said goals is so much more powerful when it effects my performance and not just how l look.

My List Thus Far

  • Get Fitter
  • Improve My Snatch technique
  • Improve Clean and split jerk
  • Improve lock out on key movements
  • Release biceps off and improve external rotation of arms
  • Stronger legs and glutes
  • 300 double under’s unbroken
  • Chest to bars with no pain
  • 2x weekly EMOMS including Snatch, clean, gymnastic movement and dead lifts
  • Start to self program
  • Train at home at least 3x per week
  • Run a lot more
  • Get two sessions in daily where it doesn’t effect my work and relationships
  • Improve all major stretch max positions by 50%
  • Workout with Carly more (soppy l know)
  • Rope climb, peg board, ring muscle up and HSPU more when not programmed
  • Enter a comp with John
  • Build Batman!!

This list of goals has come off the back of only 4 workouts, crazy right especially when l used to struggle to get more than 3 goals out of myself and clients in the past.

This little light bulb moment if l can call it that has come from  Crossfit, signing up to the Open and experience but by no means am l saying that in order to goal set the same you have to start Crossfit, not at all! But what l think would benefit every single awesome person reading this post is to first of all revisit all of your current goals and see if they still hold enough weight for you to stick to your current approach. Also look at your style of training and try to set some goals that will directly impact and improve your performance. I assure you this will not only keep that motivation fire burning, get you even fitter faster or higher but will probably give you the aesthetic goals as a byproduct as well.

Health, Fitness and Well being as a whole it totally changing right now, it’s becoming more about happiness, personal investment in training and bloody enjoying the s**t out of what you do. I believe that if people start to train more for performance with a small squinty eye on aesthetics they will not only achieve their goals but also, compare themselves to others less (happier) , hit more targets and goals more often (motivation), and become a lot more body aware.

Now go and build your own Batman or version of 😉

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