Muscle up’s are one of the toughest and coolest exercises you can do, they require strength, stability, flexibility and an understanding of how to use your body to create force in an unusual direction.

A muscle up is basically a pull up only you pull yourself completely above the bar!

Like this –

In this video we start by teaching the kipping or gymnastic muscle up as it helps you dial in the kipping technique and requires less strength. This opens the door to more people being able to give this awesome exercise a go so make sure you watch the video

Top Tips!

1. Always warm up, especially your shoulders before doing muscle up’s. Use a broom handle or a piece of dowel even a resistance band to do some shoulder dislocated and some big arm circles.

2. Learn to snap between the hollow hold and superman positions.

3. Take your time to practice the kip, you know that swinging motion which is much more tricky than it looks.

4. Keep a firm grip but one that you can loosen and move as you ascend above the bar.

5. KEEP TIGHT! Imagine there is a penny between your big toes and you want to pin it their, keeping your body tight and not like a piece of spaghetti will increase your power infinitely.

6. Remember to pop those glutes (Butt) to get the upward drive.

7. Get your chest over the bar so you’re not battling to stay above it.

8. Most importantly have FUN with it, get some mates to have a go with you and tell each other where they are going wrong, it’s exactly what we do.

I hope you enjoyed the video and I look forward to seeing you guys smashing out the muscle up’s very soon! Don’t forget to show us your progress on social media, tag us on intsagram¬†http://www.instagram.com/theleanmachinesofficial

Have fun!


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