So many people repeatedly fall short on their daily and ultimately lifetime weight loss goals simply by eating one or two harmless snacks which wipe out their daily caloric deficit, or the hours work they did in the gym earlier.

The hard truth is that for the hour you spend in the gym the amount of calories you burn can be consumed in just a few minutes via a momentary lapse in will power and a few chocolate treats.

So how can we make sure that we are burning more calories throughout the day rather than just relying on the calories burnt in that workout we did.

Say hello to NEAT or Non Exercise Activated Thermogenesis, a very long name for simply moving more and thus burning calories but not via exercise per se. This accounts for things like fidgeting, swinging your legs, tapping or even just walking.

Now let’s not underestimate the power of NEAT in fact it can burn FAR more calories over the course of a day than your workout alone.

When on a prolonged diet the body subconsciously stops or reduces these movements in a bid to save energy. Ever noticed how you can just stare into space when dieting on low calories? This is the body savin energy.

We however want to use NEAT to our benefit, so how do we do that?

It’s so simple really, just aim to be more active instead of taking the lift use the stairs, instead of sliding on your swivel chair to the coffee machine or printer get up and walk. Even the iwatch has a movement tracker and alerts you when you need to move more, this is just it! Spend less time being idle if that means standing at your desk for 10 mins or going and for a walk to get lunch rather than ordering food to your seat then do it. You will be amazed at how many extra calories this uses and when coupled with your training routine it can be very powerful!

We need to look at fat loss and health from a total lifestyle view rather than just the food we eat and exercise we do at the gym which in total probably adds up to 2.5 hours of your day. So what about the other 21.5 hours, obviously 8 hours of that will be sleep because we know you all know the importance of sleep by now… don’t we? Maybe we need another blog post on the importance and cycles of sleep.

Let’s start taking a more wholesome look at our lifestyles to genuinely create a healthier life and thus body. Actively being more active and less lazy to be honest can make a huge difference, never over look these small factors that play a huge role.


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  • MEGUMI says:

    Do not be lazy, keep the conciasse what I want to do and do it now. It is not easy but what you write is very useful for all that concerns life. Thank you! And I’m waiting your next post about Sleep. 😉

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