#ProjectBatman Update 3 – 6months of Crossfit

Hey team just checking back in with another weekly update to give you some potential workout ideas and also it’s kinda nice for me to use the blog like a little journal to look back at. 

First of all it’s now officially been 6 months since myself and John started doing Crossfit and it has been INSANE, we’ve loved every minute of training, learning failing and pushing ourselves to new levels. I also got the shock of a life time today when l stood on the scales for the first time since starting as well. In the first week of joining the box l weighed myself and was sat at 74.4kg, always sit around that number really. Today l weighed in at 80.3kg WHAT THE F***! I am over the moon as all i’ve wanted to do for ages is enjoy my training without focussing purely on weight gain or getting lean, just enjoying the process. I guess it’s true what they say, if you enjoy the process the aesthetic results will come as a byproduct of that enjoyment 🙂

Anyway back to this week and it was all about hitting some numbers to track. After the beginners gains and massive leaps in weight inevitably slow down it’s important for me to track and store numbers for the main movements to look back at in the next quarter to show where i’ve improved and what still needs work. So this week it was Snatch, Deadlift, Thrusters and Over head squats and l wanted to find my 10,8,6,4,2,1 RM for all of them, below are the numbers.

Snatch          Deadlift            Thrusters       OH Squats 

10 – 45kg      10 – 120kg        10 – 40kg      10 – 50kg

8 – 50kg        8  –  140kg         8 –  45kg       8 –  60kg

6 – 55kg        6  –  155kg         6 –  55kg       6 –  65kg

4 – 60kg        4  –  165kg         4 –  60kg       4 –  70kg

2 – 70kg        2  –  170kg         2 –  70kg       2 –  75kg

1 – 80kg        1  –  180kg         1 –  80kg       1 –  80kg

The aim is to increase every lift from the 10 -1 RM over the next 12-16 weeks, huge task but it’ll be interesting to see what happens. For me having a list from 1rm all the way up to 10rm is really helpful as well because it will show over time. For instance if over the next quarter my 4,2 and 1 RM’s improved but my 6,8 and 10 stay the same it would tell me that my focus has been a little to much on the heavy side and l need to bring in a little more volume over the coming months.

John’s rehab has been going at a rapid pace with him now about 3/4 weeks ahead of schedule so it’ll be good to get lifting with him again as he gets closer and closer to being 100% fit. One new goal for me after todays session (which sucked) is to work on my push jerk and split jerk technique because right now when l jerk l look like a chicken having a fit! Working out with the box owner and wanna be spartan Dave today, l can only describe the way he moves as beautiful. I don’t only want to lift heavy shiz l want to lift it well and for it to look right. Jerk Tuesdays coming right up then!

Right i’m out for now, if you have any questions or want to know anything else just comment below and il try cover it in the next blog.

Keep being Awesome!


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