With Christmas fast approaching a pair of socks from mum and slippers from gran is not all we are likely walk away with, many of us always will walk away or woddle with a few extra pounds of fat thanks to the festive season.

Muscle Santa

Now Christmas is about spending time with the family for most of us and relaxing and we don’t want to change that! We do however want to reduce the amount you gain or at the very least greatly reduce it.

So here’s our top tips to beat the Christmas bulge!

1. Understand that most of the time we are eating for the sake of it, we are often really quite full after mums roast but that box of chocolates is just in reach. So for that reason bring the chocolates out when you want them (within reason) and then physically put them away and out of sight after, this will stop your hands wondering aimlessly.

2. Your workout routine doesn’t have to stop even if the gym is closed, in fact most gyms actually only close on Christmas day and New Years day trust me I know this as i’ve worked those shifts several times.

If your gym is closed then try a simple, fast but very effective body weight workout like this

21 – 15 – 9 Complete 21 reps of each exercise, then 15 and finally 9 try to rest as little as possible




These workouts can be adjusted to your ability and you change that parameters but keep it simple! Simplicity is key if you’re not really feeling doing a workout and because it’s short and sharp you will be more likely to do it!

Workouts like these will really spike the heart rate and use up some of those extra calories you have been consuming.

3. Drink plenty of water for the obvious reason of it’s crucial to life and is involved with virtually every process in the human body but it will also stop you drinking as much alcohol or calorific fizzy drinks which do nothing for the waist line or health!

4. Have a lighter breakfast might also be a viable option especially if you are someone who tends to eat slightly lower calories when compared to those of us with huge calories quotas a day. We know that christmas lunch is going to be HUGE and pretty calorific so having a slightly less calorific option in the morning will help counteract some of those yorkies and roast potatoes.

5. Buy active presents for others that will appreciate them or even ask for active present for yourself this way you are more likely to get outside and be active, you may even be helping a love one become fitter and healthier. Boxing gloves are always a great way to let of some steam and even settle some family arguments 🙂

6. If all else fails have a dance in with the family and remember to enjoy yourself above all else!


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