WHAT IF A SUPPLEMENT COMPANY ACTUALLY DID WHAT THEY PROMISED? Sold supplements that worked and in research backed doses, was honest about what they did and why, educated you on why you should take a supplement and how, promoted the message that it’s always nutrition, training and lifestyle that comes first before you even consider taking supplements, didn’t advertise their products using enhanced athletes that promote unrealistic results, and helped you on every step of your journey. Be crazy right? Wrong…

Awesome supplements

The fitness industry and fitness enthusiast are supplement crazy, always looking for the quick fix or that extra few %. While it’s true that some supplements such as caffeine and creatine have been proved to work thanks to years or research and studies, however a vast majority of them don’t & quite frankly they are a waste of money.

Many companies quote on their tubs that they have unique “propietry blend” which basically means their special blend and as such they don’t have to detail what is in it. This allows them to claim they have many beneficial ingredients in their product, which on paper sounds great! However, so often the ingredients are under dosed to save money and thus not very effective.

We’ve been approached by many supplement companies for sponsorship or affiliation and we have turned them all down, simply because we believe in honesty, and worth while products.

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Until recently when https://awesomesupplements.co.uk/#ref=lm contacted us, you only have to look at thier homepage to see they are not like any other brand. It’s honesty from the first page (see quote top of page), they even have an ebook on why you don’t need supplements and that supplements are just that, supplements to a good diet and lifestyle.

So in the future if you hear us asked which supplements we reccommend it will be AwesomeSupplements because they are awesome, the chocolate whey is a game changer and mixes like no other. They are also constantly innovating new products that you can trust will be dosed correctly and aid your training, recovery and/or health.

Why not try our protein pancakes using whey protein! http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= recommend&index=47&list=PLC0C2549A1593FEDD


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John Chapman

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