It’s been three days since we returned from our 4 days at Mikes Gym in Marbella with the Awesome Supplements Athletes. It’s safe to say that despite the 3 a day gruelling training sessions that we all LOVED every minute of it and can’t wait to go back.

MikesGym is set in the hills or Marbella Spain and is the most equipped training facility I’ve ever seen, with an hour long & not for the fainthearted assault course, boxing gym, lifting platforms, rope climbs and rings the length or a room. Even a peg board, monkey bars and grip challenges over the pool, it’s like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory but for adults that love working out. Anything you touch can be used to make you stronger, faster, more powerful, flexible or AWESOME!

Here’s a clip so you can get a better picture!

When I first got to Marbella I was firmly set on the fact that I would relax and in my own time and when I felt like it but ultimately just enjoy some time off, well that soon went out the window when I met, Sheli, Zack & Sam the Awesome Supplements Crossfit athletes.

I have tried 1 session of Crossfit in the past, about 4 years ago and that was it! However it took all of 30 seconds talking these guys to know in my head that I was up for the challenge, I was going to test myself and complete every workout that they did. It’s fair to say that both Leon and I were sore a LOT of the time but we didn’t stop smiling, laughing…. and eating.

Being around such formidable athletes put us in an unusual position, we were the underdogs or newbies, it was a challenge, a challenge to complete every workout, to learn new skills, to be outside of our comfort zones and to eat the most doughnuts.

To put into context how tough these workouts were, our very 1st workout was at 7:30 when Mike woke us up with some very choice language, but it did the job. 15 mins later we were starting a 20 min, yes 20 min conditioning session consisting of burpees and ball to wall with a 10kg ball. Every minute on the minute you had to complete 10 squats and throw a ball to a target 10 foot in the air on each rep, then complete 10 burpees. Get it done in 45sec and you get a 15sec rest, if it takes you the whole 60 seconds then you’re straight into the next round my friend.

I need a few minutes after before I could face breakfast!

Sheli, Zack and Sam taught use lot’s like how to do some more technical lifts such as the clean and snatch, although they will take time to perfect.

Here’s how to clean

and how to Snatch

I gained a few very poignant view points from my time at MikesGym,

  1. I am capable of SO MUCH MORE!
  2. Everything is easier with a smile and some loud music
  3. Man I miss olympic lifting
  4. I’m really shit at ping pong

We also made a lot of new friends

Will I join a Crossfit gym to do more Olympic lifts, yes I think I might.

We also had the chance to really test the Awesome Supplements products when we needed them most, the electrolytes and recovery spray were the absolute winners for me. I had no cramps, dehydration and the spray really helped preventing the inevitable DOMS of training this much.

The ethics of this brand was the initial reason that we wanted to be associated with them, however the fact that they effectively dose their supplements to give you the BEST results is in no brainer and obvious once you use them.

Sure there are bigger supplement brands out there and Awesome supplements is still very young but to me they shine like a diamond in the rough, with great athletes, effective supplements and a honestly unparalleled by any other brand i’ve seen.

If you haven’t tried olympic lifting or some Crossfit type conditioning workouts then give it a go, you might just be the next fittest man or woman on the planet!


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