Your Calorie Count is…

Thanks for using our calorie calculator.

Now you have one of the most valuable tools when it comes to changing your body.

Your daily caloric needs to maintain your current weight.

Now if you want to lose fat, gain weight or build muscle then you can adjust your calories from this number.

Do this by simply adding or subtracting calories away.

It’s important to note this number will not be exact for everyone, you will need to track your weight or appearance in some manner and adjust accordingly.

Knowing your daily caloric needs is one piece of the puzzle.

By following a workout plan you can greatly increase your results we have created both a home and gym training plan for you.

It’s packed with fun & challenging workouts, tasty recipes and many more diet & exercise tips to help you get in the shape of your life.

It also comes with an app to track your progress & follow your workouts at home or in the gym.


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