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Feel Awesome
May 23, 2017

Is Social Media Making You Unhealthy & Unhappy?

Social media is incredibly powerful, motivational and inspirational, but it can also have a very negative affect on us. We recently created video discussing some of these points (see below)…
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Move Better
May 1, 2017

Find Your 1RM! #ProjectBatman

#ProjectBatman Update 3 - 6months of Crossfit Hey team just checking back in with another weekly update to give you some potential workout ideas and also it’s kinda nice for…
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Move BetterTraining
April 18, 2017

Marathon Essentials & Tips

It's almost that time of year where thousands of people wear incredible costumes and raise huge amounts of money for charity. They all also happen to be running 26.2 mile,…
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Feel Awesome
April 14, 2017

Just Keep Chipping Away!

#ProjectBatman Update #2 So i’ve made a decision to write an update post every week highlighting the good the bad and the ugly from the past week. At this time…
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